Assignment 2: Intrapreneurship Plan From Assignment 1, select one (1) of your proposed business actions and create an intrapreneurship plan. Remember, intrapreneurship refers to the process of promoting innovation within your workplace. You might want to
March 18, 2019
IT Homework
March 18, 2019


For this assignment, you will be developing the final briefing to the CEO about your fictitious company(XYZ Company Quality Pizza) the month prior to opening the new facility in Europe. In a 15-slide presentation, not counting the title and references slides, address the topics below. 

1) Describe the human resource implications that international growth puts on the firm. Be sure to address ethics, safety and security, and trade unions. 

2) Describe the selection process of expatriate employees. 

3) Describe the issues related to training and developing expatriates for international assignments. 

4) Define the key components of an international compensation program. Define in which regional economic zones (e.g. EU or APEC) your fictitious company will reside, and the HR implications of the zone. 

For this presentation, be sure to cover each of these important points, how these challenges were met, and include expectations for the new company and staff. 

Include speaker notes for each slide. Graphics and images must be included.


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