acct2120-Analyzing and Interpreting Restructuring Costs and Effects

Analyzing and Interpreting Restructuring Costs and EffectsHewlett-Packard, Inc. reports the following footnote disclosure (excerpted) in its 2012 10-K relating to its 2012 restructuring program.Fiscal 2012 Restructuring Plan On May 23, 2012, HP adopted a multi-year restructuring plan (the “2012 Plan”) designed to simplify business processes, accelerate innovation and deliver better results for customers, employees and stockholders. HP estimates that it will eliminate approximately 29,000 positions in connection with the 2012 Plan through fiscal year 2014, with a portion of those employees exiting the company as part of voluntary enhanced early retirement (“EER”) programs. HP expects to record aggregate charges of approximately $3.7 billion through the end of HP’s 2014 fiscal year as accounting recognition criteria are met. Of that amount, HP expects approximately $3.1 billion to relate to the workforce reductions and the EER programs and approximately $0.6 billion to relate to other items, including data center and real estate consolidation. Due to uncertainties associated with attrition and the acceptance rates of future international EER programs, the total expected headcount reductions could vary as much as 15% from our estimates. We could also experience similar variations in the total expense of the 2012 Plan.HP recorded a charge of approximately $2.1 billion in the fiscal year of 2012 relating to the 2012 Plan. This amount included costs for EER plans in the United States and Canada of $41 million of stock-based compensation expense for accelerated vesting of stock-based awards held by participating EER employees and a special termination benefit (“STB”) expense of $126 million. As of October 31, 2012, HP had eliminated approximately 11,700 positions as part of the 2012 Plan. The $2.1 billion charge also includes $105 million for data center and real estate consolidation, of which $56 million related to asset impairments. The cash payments associated with the 2012 Plan are expected to be paid out through fiscal 2015.Fiscal 2010 Acquisitions In connection with the acquisitions of Palm, Inc. (“Palm”) and 3Com Corporation (“3Com”) in fiscal 2010, HP’s management approved and initiated plans to restructure the operations of the acquired companies, including severance for employees, contract cancellation costs, costs to vacate duplicative facilities and other items. The total expected combined cost of the plans is $101 million, which includes $33 million of additional restructuring costs recorded in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2011 in connection with HP’s decision to wind down the webOS device business. The Palm and 3Com plans are now closed with no further restructuring charges anticipated. The unused accrual in the amount of $13 million was credited to restructuring expense in fiscal year 2012.Fiscal 2010 Enterprise Services Business Restructuring Plan On June 1, 2010, HP’s management announced a plan to restructure its ES business, which includes the ITO and ABS business units. The multi-year restructuring program includes plans to consolidate commercial data centers, tools and applications. The total expected cost of the plan that will be recorded as restructuring charges is approximately $1.0 billion, and includes severance costs to eliminate approximately 8,200 positions and infrastructure charges. During the first quarter of fiscal 2012, HP reduced the severance accrual by $100 million and recognized additional infrastructure related charges of $104 million. The majority of the infrastructure charges were paid out during fiscal 2012 with the remaining charges expected to be paid out through the first half of fiscal 2015.The adjustments to the accrued restructuring expenses related to all of HP’s restructuring plans described above for the twelve months ended October 31, 2012, were as follows:Fiscal 2012 PlanSeverance and EER$ –$ 1,986$ (315)$ (1,073)[1]$ 597Infrastructure and other–105(26)(68)11Total 2012 Plan–2,090(341)(1,141)608Fiscal 2010 acquisitions59(13)(27)(9)10Fiscal 2010 ES Plan:Severance493(100)(146)(20)227Infrastructure3176(141)(37)1Total 2010 ES Plan49676(287)(57)228Fiscal 2009 Plan–7(9)2–Fiscal 2008 SB/EDS Plan:Severance–5(5)—-Infrastructure258101(171)(7)181Total HP/EDS Plan258106(176)(7)181Total restructuring plan$ 813$ 2,266$ (840)$ (1,212)$ 1,0271. Using the financial statement effects template, show the effects on financial statements of the (1) 2012 restructuring charge of $2,266 million, and (2) 2012 cash payment of $840 million. BALANCE SHEET (in $ millions)TRANSACTION CASH ASSET + NONCASH ASSETS = LIABILITIES + CONTRIBUTED CAPITAL + EARNED CAPITAL1. ? ? ? ? ?2. ? ? ? ? ? INCOME STATEMENT REVENUES – EXPENSES = NET INCOME1. ? ? ?2. ? ? ?