Application of Cross-Cultural Psychology Presentation
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January 23, 2019
Case Assignment: An Environment for Change Case Instructions For this assignment, you are to prepare a brief report in which you identify and define your organization and/or industry of choice and in which you begin to analyze the organization's chang
January 23, 2019

Application of Cross-Cultural Psychology Presentation

Imagine you are a consultant for an organization, and they would like you to work on developing their core values. The organization would like their core values to reflect key attributes of their culture.

Select an organization, such as a company, community group, or nonprofit organization.

Create a 10- to 12- slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation describing cultural, research-based models and how they help clarify the organization’s core values.

Include at least three credible, peer-reviewed references.

Format the citations in your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.


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