assignment-Hands-on Activity: Balanced Scorecard & KPIs
Please write a brief report listing the controls tested and the result of the test. You may express your opinion or thoughts on the findings. The goal is familiarize everyone with an Audit Report related to FISMA. I am looking for 500 to 600 words, using
January 27, 2019
There has been an interesting and somewhat disturbing trend of athletes and even common people selling stock in themselves as an alternative to traditional loans (see list of links at the bottom of this assignment).
January 28, 2019

assignment-Hands-on Activity: Balanced Scorecard & KPIs


Assess an IT organization you are familiar with using the Balanced Scorecard approach. 

Be sure to (1) address at least one KPI including hypothetical goal, measure and target for each of the four perspectives (financial, customers, etc.) in tabular format and (2) draw or sketch out a dashboard for your scorecard.  Include a brief narrative (at least two sentences) explaining your specific scorecard as it relates to the organization.

You might want to review the below video first. 


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