case study wk 5
Microbiology discussion 2
March 18, 2019
Relationship between two species and viruses by genetic reassortment
March 18, 2019

case study wk 5

The case study (How Personal Can Ethics Get? Page 562) will include a Synopsis and three Findings of Fact. Each Finding of Fact will require a justified recommended solution. Students should support their recommended solutions with rational thought learned from the course material, other courses, www resources provided for this course, and real-life experiences. The paper will be double-spaced and will not exceed 10 pages in length.




Synopsis . Each case study paper/present ation will contain a synopsis. A synopsis is a brief overview of the case. Please prepare your synopsis as if I (and your colleagues) do not have the whole case study. Your synopsis should be concise, complete, and fully describe the situation “as you see it . ” The synopsis should not exceed 3-4 paragraphs ( o ne to one and ½ pages).


Findings of Fact . Findings of fact are important issues discussed in the case studies and usually identify potenti al problem areas for the firm. Each case study paper will identify three findings of fact. Each finding of fact should be no more than one or two sen tences in length. Be succinct.


Recommendations/Justifications . Recommendations are directly tied to the findings of fact. For each finding of fact, a thorough and justified re commendation must be provided. General statements and blanket conceptual recommendations that are not fully justified with the facts of the case are not acceptable.


Length and Format . The length for each written case study will not exceed ten pages . Papers should be double-spaced, using a typeface (font) of no less than 10 points.


I encourage creativity (within reason) . Please follow the guidelines (Three Findings of Fact and Three Recommendations ).


Every paper must have your name, the course name, and the week ON EVERY PAGE .


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