Chapter Questions #12
Search the Web for online "trade magazines" related to computers and technology. Locate an article about object modeling. To be considered current, the article must have been published within the last 90 days. Anything older is considered out-date
January 14, 2019
Matlab homework
January 14, 2019

Chapter Questions #12


1. Summarize the Kitty Genovese case


2. What factors predict whether or not a bystander is likely to offer help to an individual in distress?

3. If you were ever the victim of an emergency, what could you do to improve the odds of an onlooker assisting you?

4. Heroes are generally

5. Three of the Great Eight traits of heroes—smart, reliable, and caring—correspond well with which three of the Big Five traits of heroes?

6. In Smith and Allison’s research, subjects were asked to

7. You have been asked to sit on a panel at Comic-Con. You will be engaged in a debate on “The Dark Side of the Heroic Personality.” You have been assigned to argue that heroism may be associated with psychopathy. How would you support your thesis?

8. You’ve been asked to write a short story about a woman for your English class. Before you begin the story, your English professor wants you to describe the “hero” of your narrative. Describe your character. Be sure to describe the personality traits that make her heroic.


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