Clinical Psychology Reaction Paper
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January 24, 2019
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January 25, 2019

Clinical Psychology Reaction Paper

Due Midnight Thursday the 10TH


Movie: Ordinary People 



Link to movie on youtube. Rent movie for $2.99 which is included in my paying price.




Rubric tells you whats expected in DETAIL. 

”  Write a two page DOUBLE SPACED reaction paper from the movie, Ordinary People.   List your reaction to one of the three relationships (Conrad’s relationship with his mother; Conrad’s relationship with his father; or Conrad’s relationship with Dr. Berger.   Do you think the whole family could have benefited from therapy?   If so, list the therapy (individual, family or group, cognitive, etc) that would have worked best with this family.   In addition, if one of these above mentioned relationships affected you, please list how or what you learned from watching the interactions between the individuals.”   



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