Consulting Report APA style with 8 pages (3750 min words)
January 8, 2019
Read Part 1 of the Text: Secrets & Lies, Digital Security in a Networked World by Schneier Bruce Write an essay that describes three cyber- attacks in 2015-2016. Describe carefully how the attack worked and was discovered.
January 8, 2019

Consulting Report APA style with 8 pages (3750 min words)

I want a consulting report about Universal Basic Income (UBI) and this report should be sent to the client United Nation. 

I want an outline due in 24 hours 

and a report due in 7 days 

Outline consist of: 

1.   Executive Summary 

2. Introduction (introduce topic and why it is important to your client)

3. Main Report (Present what you have found in your research of topic – data, figures, tables, pictures, diagrams, case studies, etc)

4. Recommendations (specific for your client)

5. Conclusions

6. References  (3 references) APA style 

An example of the outline is provided as an attachment with an example of the report. 

The report should be 8 pages or (3900 words) 


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