Data Analytics Lifecycle
Part 1: we need to write 3 short and basic journal entries that have common theme. What is the theme? explore the theme. What does it say about your life and who you are? (250 words)
January 24, 2019
The stereotypical ways that females and males are "supposed" to behave
January 24, 2019

Data Analytics Lifecycle


One important aspect of data science is reframing business challenges as analytics challenges. Understanding this concept is necessary for understanding the application of the data analytics lifecycle.

Review this week’s required reading. Construct an essay that incorporates the following information:

a. Briefly describe an industry that is of interest to you

b. Using your chosen industry as an example, describe a business challenge

c. Describe how the business challenge you described can be reframed as an analytics challenge

Specifications: Minimum word length: 550 Minimum documented sources: 2 Essay formatted per APA specifications including both in-text and final references


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