DB 4 Due in 2 hours (6pm pacific standard time)
Midlife crisis
January 19, 2019
After completing this week's Chapter 11 reading and listening/watching this week's PowerPoint narrated lectures, please type your answers to the following questions in a Word document and save it to your computer. Then click on the title link to s
January 19, 2019

DB 4 Due in 2 hours (6pm pacific standard time)

This question must be answered in 250+ words.


Choose a disorder from Chapter 14 of the Carlson text and discuss the physiological and psychological symptoms of the disorder. In your discussion, examine the cause of the disorder, the part of the brain involved, the behavioral effects of the disease, findings in research, effective treatments, and whether the label “Mental Health Disorder” could be misleading.

You can choose any one of these disorders to answer the question…



Seizure Disorders

Inherited Metabolic Disorders

Down Syndrome

Parkinsons Disease

Huntington’s Disease

Alzheimers Disease

Multiple Sclerosis


Textbook for this class is Foundations of Behavioral Neuroscience by Neil R. Carlson


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