Discussion Questions 1
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January 27, 2019
assignment 1 HRM 533
January 27, 2019

Discussion Questions 1

Your responses to each question should be approx. 1 pages per question.  Total assignment should be 4-5 pages plus a title and reference page
  Discuss the theories that explain addiction in terms of genetics, brain dysfunction, and biochemical patterns. Create an original example that illustrates your understanding of these theories.
  Discuss the brain transmitters believed to mediate the rewarding aspects of most drugs of abuse and how drug substances alter and affect the brain’s mental functions. Create an original example that illustrates your understanding of the link between drug use and other types of deviant behaviors.
  Discuss addictive, antagonistic and potentiative (synergistic) drug interactions. Create original examples to illustrate your understanding of these drug interactions.
  Discuss how drug effects can be modified by factors such as age, gender, and pregnancy. Why do you think it is important for those with diseases to be especially careful when taking drugs? 


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