Define pay policy. Which competitive pay policy would you recommend to an employer
January 16, 2019
PSY 620: Discipline-Based Literature Review
January 16, 2019



Identify a system you would be interested in developing using MBSE.

1.) In one paragraph, describe the system and discuss why it interests you.

2.) Using Innoslate* tool suite, generate at least three DODAF-described models, e.g., AV-1, CV-2 and OV-1 which serve as a means to communicate information about your system with key system stakeholders (Dr. Trump and your classmates) during the early stages of development.

3.) Discuss how your models help you assess and manage risks to system development. (1 – 2 pages).

This assignment will be graded on two factors: 1.) the quality of the models (50 points); and 2.) the degree to which the response depicts clear and comprehensive understanding of the purposes of system modeling (50 points)


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