Final Paper Information Governance


Individual assignment, you are tasked to identify an organization or make up your own. Perform an information governance and infrastructure evaluation, identify gaps and document improvements. Finally, develop an IG implementation plan.

This document should be at least 12 pages long minus the cover and reference pages. Should be APA format with the correct in-text citation and references. This paper will be ran through Safe Assign and similarity scores must not be any greater than 30%.

Project Outline and Requirements Organizations Description Content Requirements Content Categories Associated Regulations Data Protection

Information Infrastructure Evaluation Evaluation of Content Capture      Evaluation of Content Management Evaluation of Content Storage Evaluation of Content Delivery Evaluation of Content Preservation

Information Infrastructure Improvements Content Management Process Improvement Content Management Tools Improvement Customer Management System

Information Governance Evaluation Data Quality Data Management Data Policies Management Business Process Management      Risk Management

Information Governance Improvements Data Quality Data Management Data Policies Management Business Process Management Risk Management

Implementation Plan  Implementation Team Key Tasks and Assignments Project Time Line Key Milestones


At least 4 Scholarly references