Final Project
Human Resource Law
March 21, 2019
Discuss significant similarities and differences that the role os sales promotion plays among consumer, trade channel, and business markets
March 21, 2019

Final Project


In 250-500 words, share these recommendations in a Word document that addresses the following.

1. Summary of the business problem including the requestor who initially brought the problem to you.

2. Summary of the data that were requested and how they was obtained.

3. Discussion of the limitations of the available data and ethical concerns related to those limitations.

4. Hypothesis of why sales of the popular model have dropped based upon data analysis. Reference the Excel file that summarizes the data findings that resulted from your queries.

5. Recommendations for addressing the business problem.

6. In addition to the report, the manager has requested that you submit the Excel files summarizing the data findings that resulted from your queries.

7. The manager has also requested that you update the ERD you created in the Topic 5 assignment to include the tables generated as a result of the joins completed in the Topic 6 assignment. The ERD should clearly document the work stream and relationships.


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