Forensic Psychology Skills and Effective Police Work

To prepare for this assignment: Review the article, “People With Learning Disabilities’ Experiences of Being Interviewed by the Police.” Think about the importance of psychological skills for police professionals. Review the article, “Police Criminal Charging Decisions: An Examination of Post-Arrest Decision-Making.” Consider the impact of forensic psychology professionals on the effectiveness of police professionals. Think about the important psychological skills that forensic psychology professionals can teach police professionals.
Review the “Executive Summary” section of the bulletin, “Police Officers’ Decision Making and Discretion: Forming Suspicion and Making a Stop.” Focus on the information related to police officers and decision making. Consider the impact that training in psychological skills has on the effectiveness of police professionals.
Review the bulletin, “Making Ethical Decisions: A Practical Model.” Consider ethical decision making and police professionals, and think about how forensic psychology professionals can help police professionals develop effective psychological skills.
Select two psychological skills that are important to police professionals and that are taught by forensic psychology professionals. Consider why these skills are important to police professional effectiveness.
Think about the impact of forensic psychology professionals on how effective police professionals do their jobs.

The assignment (1–2 pages):
Briefly describe each psychological skill that you selected, and explain why each is an important skill for the police professional. Analyze the impact of the forensic psychology professional on the effectiveness of police professionals. Be specific and provide examples. Support your responses with references to the Learning Resources and the research literature.