HRM 548 week 2 Job Duties and Characteristics
January 27, 2019
You are to create a complete database backed dynamic web site. This web site should allow users to log in and have secure areas. The users must be able to create lists of items from an inventory. They must be able to edit the lists and they must be able t
January 27, 2019


Write a 3 – 4 page reflection (double spaced) about one of the stories on the Forgiveness Project website:

– A brief description of the story you picked (the incident; what led to the forgiveness)

– Why did you pick this story/what drew you to this story?

– What are your thoughts on this person forgiving in their circumstance (relate it to at least 2 concepts we’ve discussed in class)?

– a reference list follow APA style (double spaced, 1” margins; title).


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