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Please include the questions with your answers. Answer in complete sentences where applicable. Explain what a modification problem is. What are the three possible types of modification problems?Use the following spreadsheet segment to answer the next three questions:
Girls’ Cross-Country Team
Describe 2 problems that the Girls’ Cross-Country Team spreadsheet could present. Be specific, using information in the spreadsheet in your descriptions. Break the spreadsheet into two tables, describing what information is contained in each one. Describe how the two tables will solve the two problems you described in #2. What does SQL stand for? What is its purpose? Describe the use of an index. What are the ten functions of a DBMS? Define the term “referential integrity constraint” and give an example. What is the difference between a database, a DBMS, and a database application? What is a NoSQL database? What are Web 2.0 applications?