Memo to Project Sponsor
Formulate a response to these Essential Questions: Why are the marketing topics listed in the Portfolio Project important to a company? How would making improvements on these topics help the company’s sales?
March 22, 2019
Please submit the following assignment prior to thrusdayday at 11:59 pm. Eastern time: 1. Using a Microsoft Word document, please post one federal and one state statute utilizing standard legal notation and a hyperlink to each statute. 2. In the same do
March 22, 2019

Memo to Project Sponsor

Write a memo to the project sponsor, responding to the following questions:

Why did you choose either the agile or the waterfall method for your project?

Was the risk identification process appropriate for your project? Why or why not?

How did the quantitative and qualitative risk analyses help you in prioritizing the project risks and assigning numerical values?

What were some of the risk response strategies you did not use, and why were these not appropriate for the risks?

What are some ways that the risk management activities can be improved in future projects?

APA references and Citations

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