must be good in creating excel pivot chart
Visio Diagram and Design Summary
March 19, 2019
Imagine you are an American diplomat in 1970. You are part of a team sent to a strategic Third World country in hopes of making an alliance.
March 19, 2019

must be good in creating excel pivot chart

i attached an excel sheet here with some data , i need to create a pivot chart for the data in that excel to show the following


 1)Total Numbers of projects with  construction Start (con299) in 2018 that ends  in year 2018  (construction complete) ie must have same project id

3)Total Numbers of Projects with  Construction Start in 2018 and construction complete in 2019 – Roll over project 

4) Total Numbers of Projects for Start construction in 2019 and Construction Complete in 2019 à 

5) Need to Include Mat Type

6) Need SAP Status

7) Need Phase for activity start and finish

read and ask questions if before you send me a message



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