outline of paper
Endpoint Protection Platform For Bussiness
March 18, 2019
Data Evaluation for Decision Making (100 Points) Successful, fact-based managerial decision-making depends, in part, on identifying sources of relevant information that are suitable for analysis. However, even with the most suitable information, bias can
March 18, 2019

outline of paper


This  week, you must submit an annotated outline Your outline must include: A brief explanation of the controversy
my topic is Crime as a justification for coping with past trauma – how justified is it?
describe a controversy or debate in forensic  psychology, including its legal and psychological significance. ”

At least two references that support each side of the controversy (although more are required for the final paper)

Your stance on the controversy, including support for your views
i disagree with it
An outline of the structure of your paper

Length: 1-2 pages, plus reference page

Your proposal should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the  ideas and concepts presented in the text and supplemental sources. It  response should reflect graduate-level writing and APA standards.


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