Product Idea and Search Engines/Electronic Marketing
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January 25, 2019
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January 25, 2019

Product Idea and Search Engines/Electronic Marketing


Product Idea and Search Engines/Electronic Marketing

After reviewing the assigned reading materials, complete the following activities:

1.  Develop a product service idea.

A. Describe the product/service including the benefits of using the product/service

B. Discuss the potential customers for this product/service

2.  Based on the nature of the product/service, recommend at least 3 possible ways to market the product electronically. Your suggestions must include at least one search engine. Describe your recommendations and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Complete your main post no later than Friday of week 6.

Read and respond to at least 2 of your classmates’ posts. Below are additional suggestions on how to respond to your classmates’ discussions:

· Ask a probing question, substantiated with additional background information, evidence or research.

· Share an insight from having read your colleagues’ postings, synthesizing the information to provide new perspectives.

· Offer and support an alternative perspective using readings from the classroom or from your own research.

· Validate an idea with your own experience and additional research.

· Make a suggestion based on additional evidence drawn from readings or after synthesizing multiple postings.

· Expand on your colleagues’ postings by providing additional insights or contrasting perspectives based on readings and evidence.


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