Psychology Draft Proposal
Advantages and Potential Drawbacks of Integrative Therapy
January 13, 2019
Read the case study titled “A Patient Information System for Mental Health Care”, located in Chapter 1 of your textbook. Develop an overall architecture for the system described in the assigned reading. Your architecture should be based on any one of the
January 13, 2019

Psychology Draft Proposal

Instructions: Please type your responses in the text boxes provided.  

This Draft Proposal Worksheet 

Title of Research Proposal:      

1. Literature Review (this information will be included in the Introduction section of your final proposal paper).

a. Importance of topic: Why is this topic important or interesting?      

b. Summary of research: List each source you will cite in your formal proposal.  Provide a brief (1-2 sentence) summary of each source.     

c. State your hypothesis:      

d. Provide operational definitions for all key terms in your hypothesis:      

2. Method (this section explains the details of your proposed experiment).

a. Identify your independent variable:      

b. Identify your dependent variable:      

c. How will you select your participants?      

d. How will you randomly assign participants to groups?      

e. Define the experimental group:      

f. Define the control group:      

g. How will you measure your dependent variable?      

h. How will you obtain informed consent?      

3. Results (this section discusses the numbers/variables you will compare).

a. What is your predicted outcome?      

4. Discussion (this section further explores your predicted outcome).

a. Briefly discuss any ethical concerns you have regarding your proposal:      

b. Briefly discuss any potential confounding variables:      


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