Regionalism and Naturalism
Purpose: In week four we examined biases that occur in making decisions as individuals and the effect they can have upon the process. In week five, we focused on individuals making decisions within an organization and in week six group decision making wit
January 20, 2019
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January 20, 2019

Regionalism and Naturalism

**This assignment is for an online forum post and should be more than 200 words
**Refer to one of the below readings in order to support and illustrate your points:Stephen Crane: “The Open Boat”
Jack London: Author Bio
Jack London: “To Build a Fire”
Sarah O. Jewett: “A White Heron”
Willa Cather: “Paul’s Case”
Anthony Channell Hilfer “Nature as a Protagonist in ‘The Open Boat'”**Include citations (with page numbers) and a works cited listing for each of the works discussed in MLA formatting

Part One: Compose a paragraph that applies a Marxist reading to any of the stories from this week. Be sure to ask yourself ( and answer) the kinds of questions discussed in this week’s lecture. 
Part Two: Which of the characters this week did you feel the most sympathy for? Who did you most identify with? Why? Who did you feel the least sympathy for? Why? Part Three: In “The Open Boat,” lines of philosophy about man’s fate and his reward for trying hard are repeated throughout. Quote a line of this story that stands out to you as expressing something philosophical about life. Do you agree with the statement? Why or why not?


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