Research Annotated Bibliography
January 29, 2019
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January 29, 2019

Research Annotated Bibliography

Goal of the Exercise:  To review some key books and/or articles on topics that relate to your research questions before you start writing your paper.  The purpose is to insure that you develop an understanding of the context for your proposed research. 

Note: If you are unclear as to what an annotated bibliography is, see the attached slidedeck.

Components/Structure  of the Annotated Bibliography: Introduction: Open your annotated lit review with a one or two paragraph statement outlining the scope of your annotated bibliography (hint this can be a summarized version of your abstract), your reasons for choosing the references you looked at, and the key points you learned from the literature.  The references you choose should represent a coherent body of intellectual thought (e.g., don’t just select the first 8 sources listed in EbscoHost, GeoBase, or Google Scholar). This means you will have to look at a lot more articles than the ones you choose to summarize in your annotated bibliography. You ought to have at least 8 references. Annotated Bibliography:  The annotated bibliography follows the introduction.  Your total bibliography should be 4 to 8 pages in length (single spaced, 12 pt font ).  Each annotated bibliography entry must include: A full citation:

i. Author(s) [include ALL authors – do NOT use the term et al.], date. Title.  Journal/Book title.  Volume number/Publisher, pages.

ii. For example:  Marcus, W.A.,  Hansen, A.H., and Pool, J.K., 2001, Remote sensing of river habitats using high spatial resolution hyperspectral imagery. International Journal of Remote Sensing 5(1):231-244.

For articles: An overview  paragraph:

i. what the article was about

ii. perspectives/background of the authors writing the article

iii. advantages/drawbacks of the approaches discussed in the article A thesis-relevance paragraph that discusses points in the article of particular relevance to your research questions.

            The two (not three or more) paragraphs should not be a paraphrasing of the abstract, but should focus on what is relevant to understanding the perspective taken by the authors and the specific utility (or lack thereof) of the article to your work..

For books: An overview  paragraph:

i. what the book was about

ii. perspectives/background of the authors writing the book

iii. advantages/drawbacks of the approaches discussed in the book A thesis relevance page that discusses points in the book of particular relevance to your research questions. Optional – but very helpful to you in the long run: A digital bibliography in EndNote or some other citation software format

Sources that can help you:

Example of an annotated bibliography:

Note: If these links no longer work, please go to your preferred search engine and search for “annotated bibliography APA”

What to turn in:  Your annotated bibliography which will contain at least 8 references in APA format.

Due by: Saturday at 11:00am

Please submit your rough draft.

Your rough draft is your work-in-progress version of your final paper (which is due on Sunday).  The purpose of the rough draft assignment is to allow me to understand where your team is at, and to be able to provide feedback that you can use for refining your paper.

Your paper should have the following characteristics: Be in APA format Have the following sections: Title page Abstract (from Friday’s assignment – revised according to the feedback that was given (if any). Rough draft, this should address: Introduction Background/Literature Review Relevant Theory Exploration Findings/Examples Lessons Learned Future Research References (non-annotated) Appendix: Research Outline (From Friday’s assignment – revised/corrected – if needed) Annotated bibliography (From Saturday morning’s assignment – revised according to the feedback that was given (if any).

The goal for THIS assignment is to make significant strides on addressing item 3 (rough draft).  If you have a completed paper by 8:30 that’s acceptable, but not required.

Due by: Saturday at 8:30pm


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