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Remembering, Feeling, and Thinking Worksheet
March 18, 2019
Credit Card Debt The True Cost of Paying Minimum Payment Write a C++ program to output the payment schedule for the amount owed when each month nothing more is charged to the account but only the minimum payment is paid. The output stops when the balance
March 18, 2019

research work

 According to the federal regulations, which of the following studies meets the definition of research with human subjects?

a. A researcher sets up a meeting with the superintendent of a large and diverse public school system to get data about the ethnic composition of the school system and the number of students receiving free lunches.

b. Undergraduate students in a field methods class are assigned a research question and asked to interview another classmate, to be followed by a class discussion on interview techniques.

c. A researcher conducts a comparison of the comments made in a publicly available blog and the blogger’s comments on a similar topic in a weekly magazine.

d. A cognitive psychologist enrolls undergraduate students for a computer-based study about the effect of mood on problem solving behaviors.  


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