Residency – Research Paper Assignment
Learning Plan 7 Assignments LP7 Assignment For Assignment 7, read the fictional critique below. Then answer the subsequent questions. Your response should be one to two pages in length and follow these guidelines: Double-spaced
January 28, 2019
Topic: convergence HARVARD STYLE Evaluate the process of convergence, highlighting the general benefits and limitations of the convergence of accounting standards, discuss the adoption of IFRS in Europe, including the consequences of the transition.
January 28, 2019

Residency – Research Paper Assignment

Research Topic:
The need for Cryptography in application security. Example of Abstract,
Examined are the three core themes: the role of education in cybersecurity, the role of technology in cybersecurity, and the role of policy in cybersecurity. These topics are essential for organizations seeking to establish environments that allow them to be successful irregardless of location while examining external and internal conditions. This study examined the research gaps within cybersecurity as it relates to core themes to develop stronger policies, education programs, and hardened technologies for cybersecurity use. This work illustrates how cybersecurity can be broken into these three core areas and used together to address issues such as developing training environments for teaching real cybersecurity events. It will further show the correlations between technologies and policies for system Certification and Accreditation. Finally, it will offer insights on how cybersecurity can be used to maintain wirelessly security for international and national security for global organizations.

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