Security 9
Conduct An Interview of a Female-Identified Individual During Modules 2 and 3, you will have the opportunity to interview a female-identified and a male-identified individual regarding their perceptions about their own health as well as their experiences
January 24, 2019
For the Portfolio Project, you will have one of two projects from which to choose. For Option #2, you have been hired as an IT manager for a new campus to set up the IT infrastructure over a six- month period in four phases. An educational institution is
January 24, 2019

Security 9

Task 1: 

For this assignment, you are asked to locate any company privacy policy. Some of the more popular ones might include GOOGLE, APPLE, or MICROSOFT, but you may elect to review another agency. In 3- 4 paragraphs, explain what you find to be the most interesting information contained in that privacy policy. At the end of your report, please include a LINK to the policy you have reviewed. 

Task 2:

  Do the following review questions: 9.1 Give examples of applications of IPsec. 9.2 What services are provided by IPsec? 9.3 What parameters identify an SA and what parameters characterize the nature of a particular SA? 9.4 What is the difference between transport mode and tunnel mode? 9.5 What is a replay attack? 9.6 Why does ESP include a padding field? 9.7 What are the basic approaches to bundling SAs? 9.8 What are the roles of the Oakley key determination protocol and ISAKMP in IPsec?

Submit a Microsoft Word document 


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