Sociology Essay 4-5 Page Document in APA Style

Evaluate a social concern, issue, event, or phenomenon from a sociological perspective; examine the social construction of personal identity; or evaluate the roots of a social movement.  The  research paper needs to include key sociological concepts and theories while demonstrating the sociological perspective throughout.  The paper should be a  minimum of 4-5 pages long in addition to having a title and reference page. It should demonstrate a strong thesis statement supported by research from at least 5 different sources. Include in-text citations from references using APA format throughout the paper.


This is the feedback I have received from my professor on what I have completed:   While you have a detailed and welll written first page here, all of your sources are psychological, as is most of your approach,  This topic is fundamentally a child development/psychology topic, and it’s tough to approach it sociologically.  You need to adjust your focus and find something you can do sociological analysis of.  I suggest getting into the sociological databases and searching this topic and see if there is an angle you can approach this issue from sociologically ASAP.  What you have here won’t work because it’s all psychology based.