term paper

 Your term paper will consist of an explorative literature review andtheoretical framework that examines a topic of interest paired withat least one of the learning theories. Details: Papers should be written in the APA format and be keptwithin 14-15 pages with out the references (references excluded) 12 references needed . A variety of referencesis expected and the vast majority should come from peer-reviewedjournals.Note 1: Your paper will be graded based on what you havedecided to discuss and the contribution you are attempting to makethrough your discussion. In other words, seek to move beyondsummarization toward a synthesis of ideas that leads tosomething new.Note 2: Something that is always important to remember is thatinstructional designers are a practical bunch – we will always lookfor applications. How can the concepts and ideas that you arepresenting be used by the instructional designer? Make sure toinclude a section that involves applications. i will attach an example   and attach  chapter  ( the chapter 2 will be one of the references ) due 03/01/2014 EST zone. no longer which is 5 days from now