The Content Theories of Motivation

The Content Theories of Motivation – Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory, Alderfer and McClleland’s Theories of Motivation – are all about the factors within a person and the needs that motivate people. Choose TWO of the above theories and answer the following questions: First, compare and contrast the theories. What are the differences/similarities? What are some of the criticisms of the two theories that you select? Are these theories applicable today given that business today is so different from Maslow’s time (1940’s), Alderfer (1960’s), and Herberg and McClelland (1950’s)? Given the many changes in business from when these theories were first proposed, do these theories still provide us with the tools to be effective as managers? Remember that your answer should be at least 200 words. Each paragraph should also have at least one citation and that your citations must be in APA format. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc., ALL COUNT! This is a graduate level class. Your writing MUST reflect graduate level work. This means no chattiness in your replies, no lol, etc. Write like a professional!