Now that we have discussed the stages of training design including the needs assessment, the design and the evaluation steps, apply your knowledge and understanding. Review the following proposed training design and then develop a critique of its effectiveness and make your recommendations for improvement. Let’s do it!Your analysis might be guided by the following questions: What do you think is done well in the design and what suggestions do you have for improving the training? Why? Do you think the design met the stated training outcomes and is the evaluation as designed substantial enough? Are the evaluation goals Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic and Time Bound? Imagine yourself as an attendee at the training. How effective would this session be for you?Your specific program analysis might include:1) determining if the right intended audience is included in the training; 2) if their possible learning styles have been taken into consideration, 3) if the goals and objectives of the program are clear and appropriate; 4) is the delivery of the program effective; and 5) is the assessment of the training sufficient?