University of Wollongong AP Calculus Exam

Hello, I have an Ap calculus exam on sunday 7 June uae timing at 11:50 am on math space. The exam is only going to be for 25 minutes the class starts at 11:50 and ends at 12:35 so the teacher might upload the exam at 11:55 . The class is a 45 minutes class but the teacher might post the exam any time during this 45 minutes so you have to be on mathspace from 11:50 you have to be online on mathspace during the time of the period and whenever i tell you you can start then start . and remember you only have 25 minutes.

The exam is going to be 25 minutes and 5 questions only, after solving each and every question please send me the steps of how you solved each question because i have to write them down and send them to the teacher separately . So every question you solve you have to send me as a pdf or picture , the steps of how you solved ‘ the work’ / Most important thing is the steps if you dont send it to me then i wont get a mark on my exam.

the exam is on 3 lessons: lessons 3.1: Extrema on an Interval, 3.3: Increasing and Decreasing Functions and the First Derivative Test, and 3.4: Concavity and the Second Derivative Test.