Wind from an enmy sky revised

McNickle builds toward a suspenseful conclusion in the book Wind from an Enemy Sky through a series of ironic events that readers know about, but all the novel’s characters don’t discover until the novel’s final pages. Although Doc Edwards and Toby Rafferty try to talk Adam Pell out of his plans for giving the Virgin of the Andes to the Little Elk people, why are they unsuccessful? What is the result of Pell going through with his plans to give this gift, and how might Two Sleeps have prevented this from happening if he had revealed his dream to the people? In the “Afterword” to the novel, Louis Owens finds no hope in the novel’s conclusion. Other literary critics, however, have interpreted some hope for the Little Elk people despite the novel’s dramatic and violent conclusion. What is your interpretation of the conclusion? Do you agree with Owens, or do you believe there might be some hope for the Little Elk people to enter a new era beyond the close of this story? What evidence does McNickle include for the possibility of hope beyond the novel’s final page? Explain your opinion, and use brief quotations with pages numbers cited. It has to be at least 125 words.